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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 7, 2007

Statement by the Press Secretary

President Bush strongly believes that we can help to reduce chronic homelessness in America with good policy and sufficient funding. Today, we're learning that his leadership on this issue is paying off. The Department of Housing and Urban Development issued an analysis demonstrating the effectiveness of the Administration's efforts to decrease chronic homelessness in America. From 2005 to 2006, local communities across our country have experienced a nearly 12 percent decrease in the number of chronically homeless individuals. Because of the Administration's commitment to providing permanent housing solutions for homeless individuals, there are nearly 20,000 fewer persons living on our streets this year.

Since the President took office, HUD has awarded more than $9 billion to support local housing and service programs that are making a powerful and positive difference in the lives of thousands of homeless Americans. The President has requested $1.6 billion for HUD's homeless programs for the FY 2008 budget, representing a 55 percent increase in funding over 2001 levels. We will continue to help the most vulnerable in our society find housing and other services as we work towards the President's goal of eliminating chronic homelessness.

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