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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 2, 2007

Fact Sheet: The Way Forward in Iraq: Successes and Challenges
President Bush Says "Return On Success" Plan Is Putting Us On The Right Track To Win In Iraq

      In Focus: President Bush Speaks at Basic Combat Training Graduation Ceremony

Today, President Bush gave an update to soldiers at Fort Jackson, S.C., on his September "Return on Success" speech and discussed some of the results of America's new strategy to win the fight in Iraq.  Our new strategy in Iraq, including a surge in U.S. forces, has been fully operational for four months.  This new strategy emphasizes securing the Iraqi population as the foundation for all other progress in the country; recognizes that once Iraqis feel safe they can begin to create jobs and opportunities; and builds on the idea that improvements in security will help the Iraqis achieve national reconciliation. The President discussed challenges and successes we are seeing in each of these areas.

Securing The Iraqi Population As The Foundation For All Other Progress In The Country


Remaining Challenges:

Bringing Economic Improvements With Improvements In Security


Remaining Challenges

Improving Security To Help The Iraqis Achieve National Reconciliation


Remaining Challenges

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