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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 28, 2007

President Bush Meets with Community Leaders in New Orleans
Dooky Chase Restaurant
New Orleans, Louisiana

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7:55 P.M. CDT

THE PRESIDENT: Ms. Chase, thank you for having us here. Laura and I are thrilled to be here with the Governor, and the Mayor, and the Senator, the congressmen, members of my Cabinet, distinguished leaders in this community, and quiet heroes who have helped bring optimism and hope to New Orleans.

We've got social entrepreneurs in our midst, artists in our midst, all of whom have dedicated their lives to the renewal of New Orleans. And we're so honored to be in this restaurant. I know you would want me to say that the food here is about as good as any place here in New Orleans. (Laughter.) I will say it. (Laughter.)

REV. LUTER: It is that good.

THE PRESIDENT: It is good. And we're so honored that you gave us a chance to come to the renovated restaurant. I know you're opening in a couple of weeks.

MS. CHASE: In a couple of weeks, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we're thrilled that you would allow us to come and taste your beautiful food in this spectacular room. We love your art, but more importantly, we love your spirit. You're one of the leaders here in this community. (Applause.)

END 7:57 P.M. CDT

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