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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 6, 2007

Fact Sheet: Combating Terrorism Worldwide
What The United States And Its Partners Are Doing To Fight Al Qaeda And Other Terrorists

"We've done a lot of work since September the 11th to make this country safe, and it is safer, but it's not completely safe.  It's important for the American people to understand there are cold-blooded killers who want to come to our homeland and wreak havoc through death."

- President George W. Bush, 8/3/07

We Are Confronting The Threat From Al Qaeda And Degrading Their Capabilities

Since 9/11, The United States Has Been On The Offense Against Our Enemies.  We have built new institutions to better coordinate homeland defense and intelligence collection, developed new tools to monitor and track terrorists and their finances, established new coalitions to combat violent extremists wherever they reside, and marshaled national resources to attack the terrorist enemies at war with us. 

The United States And Our Allies Have Captured Or Killed Dozens Of Senior Al Qaeda Leaders Since 9/11.  Senior leaders include:

The United States And Its Partners Have Disrupted Numerous Al Qaeda Terrorist Plots Since 9/11.

We Remain On The Offense Against Terrorists Abroad, While We Defend Against Attacks On The Homeland, U.S. Interests Abroad, And Our Friends And Allies.

Our Enemies Have Not Succeeded In Launching Another Attack On Our Soil, But They Have Not Been Idle.

Our Enemies Have Plotted Against The U.S. But Have Thus Far Not Succeeded In Attacking Us – In Part Because We Have Taken Bold Actions At Home And Abroad To Keep Our People Safe.  Al Qaeda-inspired plots have been disrupted in the United States:

Since 9/11, Al Qaeda And Those Inspired By Its Hateful Ideology Have Carried Out Terrorist Attacks In More Than Two Dozen Nations.  We have seen continuing terrorist attacks since 9/11:

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