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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 1, 2007

Remarks by President Bush Before Arrival of President Putin of Russia
Walker's Point
Kennebunkport, Maine

5:35 P.M. EDT

PRESIDENT BUSH: Welcome. Is everybody having a nice day here?

Q Yes. The lobsters are good.

PRESIDENT BUSH: They are good.

Q Sir, are you going to take him fishing?

PRESIDENT BUSH: We might just do that, yes. Not sure yet, Mark.

Q Today?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Maybe today. It's pretty casual up here, as you know, unstructured.

Q -- the menu?

MRS. BUSH: Lobster, what else? (Laughter.)

* * * * *

Q How was the fishing today, sir?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Lousy. (Laughter.) Was that you, Chuck, the other day? No wonder we didn't catch any fish. They took a look at you and -- (laughter) -- headed out.

Q Sir, while you're waiting, can you tell us what you think of those terrorist incidents in Britain and Scotland?

PRESIDENT BUSH: We got a press conference tomorrow, Mark. But it just goes to show the war against these extremists goes on. You never know where they may try to strike. And appreciate the very strong response that the Gordon Brown government has given to the attempts by these people.

* * * * *

PRESIDENT BUSH: Everybody been behaving themselves?

Q You sure you won't come back here a little more often? (Laughter.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: That's what I figured. (Laughter.)

Q I wasn't going to give you the satisfaction -- (laughter.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: That's what I thought, yes. Well, the guy is counting the days in Crawford, you know. (Laughter.)

Q I'm counting your days here, too -- 35.

Q Are you watching any baseball?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I watched the Ranger-Red Sox game today.

Q Is it over? Did they win today, too?

Q I think they won today, too.

Q But the Yankees lost.


* * * * *

(President Putin arrives.)

FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH: Where did these guys all come from? When I left there was nobody here.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Come over, Condi. Come on, Bill.

Okay? It's been real. (Laughter.) Thanks for coming.

END 5:44 P.M. EDT

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