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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 27, 2007

Fact Sheet: Bipartisan Border Security and Immigration Reform Bill
Senate Bill Represents The Best Chance To Reform Our Broken Immigration System

      In Focus: Immigration

President Bush Urges Members Of Both Parties To Support The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Now In The Senate.  The status quo is unacceptable – by acting now, we can ensure that our laws are respected, that our borders are secure, that the needs of our economy are met, and that our Nation helps newcomers assimilate.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Accomplish Five Clear Objectives

1. Securing The Border

Under The Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill, Temporary Worker And Z Visas Will Not Be Issued Until Meaningful Border Security And Worksite Enforcement Benchmarks Are Met.  These triggers include:

To Show The Government Is Serious About Meeting These Benchmarks, The Bill Provides $4.4 Billion In Immediate Additional Funding For Securing Our Borders And Enforcing Our Laws At The Worksite.

2. Holding Employers Accountable For The Workers They Hire 

The Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill Sets Up A Sophisticated Electronic EEVS To Give Employers The Tools They Need To Verify The Status Of Workers.  EEVS will require workers to present a limited range of stronger and more readily verifiable identification documents, which will be checked electronically against Federal and State databases. 

3. Creating A Temporary Worker Program

Under The Senate Bill, A Temporary Worker Program Will Allow U.S. Law Enforcement To Focus More Resources On Apprehending Violent Criminals And Terrorists.  The temporary worker program will help meet the needs of our economy and reduce the number of people trying to sneak across our borders by providing a lawful and orderly channel for foreign workers to fill the jobs that Americans are not doing.

4. Resolving The Status Of The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Already In The Country

The Bill Will Strengthen Our National Security By Bringing The Millions Of Illegal Workers Already Here Out Of The Shadows – Without Amnesty.  This will allow law enforcement officials to know who is in the country and allow immigration enforcement officers to focus their resources on finding and apprehending violent criminals and terrorists. 

5. Finding New Ways To Help Newcomers Assimilate Into Our Society

The Bill Will Strengthen The Assimilation Of New Immigrants. The bill declares that English is the national language of the United States and calls on the United States Government to preserve and enhance it.  It also enacts accelerated English requirements for many immigrants.  In addition, the DHS Office of Citizenship will be expanded to include coordinating assimilation efforts in its mission, and the Secretary of Education will make an English instruction program available for free over the Internet.

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