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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 25, 2007

Statement by the President

Today's Supreme Court decision marks a substantial victory for efforts by Americans to more effectively aid our neighbors in need of help. The Faith-Based and Community Initiative can remain focused on strengthening America's armies of compassion and expanding their good works. Similar efforts by governors and mayors in states and cities all across the country can also continue to advance.

From the first days of my Administration, we've championed the idea that those in need are better served when government draws on the strengths of every willing community partner-secular and faith-based, large and small. My Administration has eliminated regulatory and policy barriers in the Federal agencies, delivered training and development to more than 50,000 social service entrepreneurs, and competitively awarded tens of thousands of Federal grants to faith-based and community organizations for service to others at home and abroad. These efforts fortify America's safety net and expand our nation's supply of compassion.

This ruling is a win for the thousands of community and faith-based nonprofits all across the country that have partnered with government at all levels to serve their neighbors. Most importantly, it is a win for the many whose lives have been lifted by the caring touch and compassionate hearts of these organizations.

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