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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 8, 2007

Fact Sheet: The President's Achievements at the G-8 Summit, Heiligendamm, Germany

      G8 Summit 2007

The President, In Collaboration With Other Leaders From The G-8 Nations, Took Action To Address A Broad Range Of Global Issues, Including:

Climate Change And Energy Efficiency

G-8 Leaders Recognized The Importance Of Confronting Global Climate Change And Assuring Energy Security and Economic Growth Through Enhanced Cooperation On Technology.  The G-8:


G-8 Leaders Demonstrated Their Commitment To Work With Africa To Facilitate Opportunity and Conflict Resolution And To Combat The Scourge Of Infectious Diseases.  The G-8


G-8 Leaders Stressed the Importance of Promptly Concluding an Ambitious and Balanced Doha Development Agenda Agreement that benefits Developed and Developing Countries.    The G-8:


G-8 Leaders:

Heiligendamm Process

G-8 Recognized The Growing Importance Of Emerging Economies

The G-8 agreed to:


G-8 Leaders Continued Their Efforts To Address The Ongoing Violence And Humanitarian Crisis In Darfur.  The G-8:

Open Global Economy

G-8 Leaders Emphasized That The International System Must Be Based On Shared Commitments To Open Markets, Transparency, And Investment Opportunities.  The G-8 :

Innovation And Intellectual Property

G-8 Leaders Recognized That Innovation Drives Economic Growth And That Assurance Of Intellectual Property Rights Will Encourage Innovation.  The G-8 agreed to:


G-8 Leaders Shared Strong Concerns About The Threats Of The Proliferation Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction.  The G-8:


G-8 Leaders Emphasized The Importance Of Good Governance To Promote Investment And Development.  The G-8 agreed to:

G-8 Leaders Discussed How to Advance Common Interests in Critical Regions, Including:


G-8 Leaders Reiterated Their Profound Concern Over Iran’s Failure to Address International Concerns Over Its Nuclear Activities. The G-8:


G-8 Leaders Strongly Condemned The Pursuit Of Nuclear Weapons By The North Korean Regime.  The G-8 agreed to:

Israeli-Palestinian Issues

G-8 Leaders Expressed Their Commitment To The Creation Of A Viable, Sovereign, And Democratic Palestinian State, Living Side By Side In Peace And Security With Israel, Within Internationally Recognized Borders. The G-8 agreed to:


G-8 Leaders Expressed Support For A Sovereign Lebanon and for its Legitimate Government.    The G-8 agreed to:


G-8 Leaders Reiterated Their Commitment To Iraq’s Independence, Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity. The G-8:


G-8 Leaders Expressed Continued Support For Afghanistan In Achieving Its Security, Governance And Development Goals. The G-8 agreed to:

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