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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 29, 2007

Fact Sheet: Fighting Genocide in Darfur
President Bush Announces Increased Sanctions Against The Government Of Sudan

      President Bush Discusses Genocide in Darfur, Implements Sanctions

Today, President Bush Announced The Expansion And Tightening Of Economic Sanctions Against The Government Of Sudan.  The United States is now taking the steps the President outlined last month because the government of Sudan continues to violate its numerous commitments to stop the violence and suffering in Darfur.

President Bashir Has Not Fulfilled His Obligations To Stop The Violence in Darfur

President Bashir Has Not Met His Obligations, And The Dire Security Situation On The Ground In Darfur Has Not Changed.  President Bashir’s actions over the past few weeks follow a long pattern of promising cooperation while finding new methods of obstruction. 

Today, The U.S. Is Taking The Steps President Bush Announced In April

The Department Of Treasury Is Tightening U.S. Economic Sanctions On Sudan.

The U.S. Is Targeting Sanctions Against Individuals Responsible For Violence. 

The President Is Directing The Secretary Of State To Consult With The United Kingdom And Other Allies On A New United Nations Security Council Resolution.

Today’s Action Builds On Previous U.S. Efforts To Achieve Peace In Darfur

America’s Commitment Is Clear, And We Are Working For The Day When The Families Of This Troubled Region Are Able To Return Safely To Their Homes And Rebuild Their Lives In Peace.

The U.S. Will Continue To Push For UN Support For African Union Peacekeepers And Quick Transition To A UN-African Union Force. 

The United States Will Not Avert Our Eyes From A Crisis That Challenges The Conscience Of The World

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