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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 22, 2007

Fact Sheet: Immigration Fact Check: Responding to Key Myths

     Fact sheet In Focus: Immigration

1. MYTH: Ending the current green card backlog would result in 900,000 new residents per year on top of current numbers.

  1. 240,000 green cards are being shifted from other priorities within the existing green card pool. This is important – it does not represent an increase in the number of green cards given, it is simply a reallocation of green cards that are authorized for issuance within the current system.
  1. Separately, the number of green cards will be temporarily increased by 200,000 for each of the eight years after the enactment of the bill. This is an increase, but it does not mean 200,000 applicants plus their spouses and children. It is 200,000 new people total.

2. MYTH: The border security and employer enforcement triggers can be waived. It has been asserted that the bill contains the following language: "b) Subsection (a) of this section shall apply only if the President certifies within 180 days of enactment that the border security and other measures described in such subsection can be completed within 18 months of enactment, subject to the necessary appropriations."

3. MYTH: Z visa applicants (current undocumented) do not have to pay fines.

4. MYTH: DHS only has only one day to complete background checks.

5. MYTH: A Rasmussen poll shows Americans support an enforcement-only approach.

6. MYTH: The bill will impose a huge new tax on businesses that follow the law.

7. MYTH: The bill does not crack down on employers who violate the law.

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