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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
April 4, 2007

Fact Sheet: President Bush Meets with Military Personnel and Their Families at Fort Irwin
According To Defense Department, Delay In Approving Funds Will Affect Training

      President Bush Makes Remarks to the Troops at Fort Irwin, California

Today, President Bush Visited Fort Irwin, California, And Discussed The Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq.  The President honored the troops' service and thanked the troops and their families for their commitment and patriotism.  Prior to his remarks, the President had lunch with military personnel and their families and viewed a training demonstration.  In the afternoon, he met with the families of fallen soldiers.  

Our Men And Women In Uniform Need These Emergency War Funds

Last Week, The Defense Department Notified Congress That In Order To Meet The Force Protection Needs Of The Marine Corps And The Army, It Is Borrowing Funds From Other Important Marine And Army Procurement Programs.  This borrowing means using funding intended for medium tactical vehicle replacement, Humvees and Humvee equipment, the tactical communications modernization program, and upgrades for other vehicles. 

Congress Should Send The President A Clean Bill That Funds The Troops 

In January, President Bush Announced A New Strategy For Iraq.  Implementing this strategy will require sustained action over many months, but we have already seen progress.

  1. Force a retreat from Iraq without regard to conditions on the ground, which would be disastrous for our national security.
  2. Substitute the judgment of politicians in Congress for that of generals in Iraq, handcuffing our commanders.
  3. Contain billions of dollars in non-emergency domestic spending that has nothing to do with winning the War on Terror.

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