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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
April 27, 2007

Statement by the President on North Korea Freedom Week

I send greetings to all those observing North Korea Freedom Week. Those living in North Korea regrettably know firsthand the meaning of deprivation of freedom. I have met in the Oval Office with some of the courageous few who have managed to escape from the country. I have heard firsthand accounts of their suffering in North Korea and of their dangerous journeys to freedom. And I have seen how they now live in freedom's light. We will continue to strengthen our commitment to bring freedom to all repressed peoples. I believe the 21st century will be freedom's century for all Koreans. One day every citizen of that peninsula will live in dignity, freedom, and prosperity at home and in peace with their neighbors abroad. Until that day comes, we will not rest in our efforts to support the North Korean people as they strive to achieve the rights and freedoms to which they are entitled as human beings.

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