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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
April 9, 2007

President Bush Visits Yuma Sector Border Patrol in Arizona
Yuma Sector Border Patrol
Yuma, Arizona

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     Fact sheet In Focus: Immigration

9:36 A.M. MST

THE PRESIDENT: You know, it's interesting, this is the spot I came to in May of 2006. Colburn told me then that we were in the process of developing a modernization strategy; none of this existed prior to my arrival in May. They told me they were developing a strategy that would prevent people from charging across to try to get to the neighborhood over here. And that strategy has been implemented.

It's a combination of roads, lighting and fencing, all aiming at making sure that we have a border that's protected. And it's amazing progress that's been made. We have come back to this spot because it's where I was the last time. And I was most impressed by your strategy, even more impressed by the fact that it's now being implemented. And the men have reported that the number of arrests are down, which is an indication that fewer people are trying to cross the border at this part of -- along the border. So we're making some pretty good progress.

And the reason we've come here is to show the American people that the plan that we've announced is now being implemented. And there is still more work to be done. But, nevertheless, a lot of progress is being made. I'm going to talk a little bit later about making sure that we complete the strategy to have a comprehensive immigration bill. I will save my words until then. But in the meantime, I wanted you to see the progress -- see firsthand the progress that we're making here on the border.

So thank you.

Q What most impresses you, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: The hard work being done.

END 9:38 A.M. MST

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