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For Immediate Release
March 30, 2007

The Rest of the Story: CRS Memo Acknowledges the Challenges Facing the Army
Day 53 And Counting Since The President Submitted Emergency Supplemental Funding Request

      Setting the Record Straight

"Every day that Congress fails to act on the President's emergency supplemental funding request causes our military hardship and impacts readiness. The Democrats are distorting and hiding behind a CRS memo on the eve of Congress' spring vacation to distract from their failure to send the President a responsible bill he can sign. It's time for the Democrats to send the President a bill that funds the troops without forcing retreat, handcuffing our commanders, or adding billions of dollars in pork spending."

- White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino, 3/30/07

Democrats are using a Congressional Research Service (CRS) memo to attack the President's call for Congress to pass an emergency supplemental funding bill he can sign. (Sen. Harry Reid, "Reid: Non-Partisan Budget Experts Confirm Bush Is Misleading Public On War Funding Needs," Press Release, 3/30/07)

Democrats' Delay Of Funding Is Already Impacting Troops and Readiness

Yesterday, the Department of Defense notified Congress that in order to meet the force protection needs of the Marine Corps and the Army, it is borrowing funds from other important Marine and Army procurement programs. This borrowing means using funding intended for medium tactical vehicle replacement, Humvees and Humvee equipment, the tactical communications modernization program, and upgrades for other vehicles.

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