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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 3, 2007

President Bush Views Tornado Damage in Alabama
Enterprise Municipal Airport
Enterprise, Alabama

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      Statement on Federal Disaster Assistance for Alabama

8:40 A.M. CST

THE PRESIDENT: You know, Mayor, I told the people yesterday that I come down with a heavy heart, and I will try, to the best of my ability, to comfort those who lost life and property. I know you and the Council and the citizens here have done that, as well.

I hope it helps for the citizens here to hear that we declared your county a major disaster area, which will provide some relief. You can never heal a heart, but you can provide comfort, knowing that the federal government will provide help for those whose houses were destroyed, or automobiles were destroyed. And I would strongly urge the citizens here to -- if you've got a question, to call 1-800-621-FEMA, and there will be somebody answering your call and will give you a chance to find out whether or not you will qualify for the relief under the major disaster declaration.

Secondly, I was talking to the Governor, and he has said that there have been some funds set up to help the people who suffered. And my call to people here in Alabama and around the United States is, if you feel the generosity in your heart to help people affected by this terrible tornado, I would ask you to contribute. One such fund is the Red Cross. There will be others. We will make sure that USA Freedom Corps will have posted on it a place where people can contribute money. Some people are going to need your help. There have been some poor citizens who may -- or may not qualify for federal help, but are going to need the help of our fellow citizens. And I would ask you to, out of the generosity of your heart, to help the folks down here.

This storm was a tough storm. It went eight miles and affected a lot of lives. And this country is a prayerful country, there are a lot of people praying for you.

END 8:41 A.M. CST

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