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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 17, 2007

Statement on Failure of Senate Procedural Motion

The United States Senate conducted a procedural vote today involving a nonbinding resolution identical to one approved yesterday by the House of Representatives. The procedural motion supported by Senate leadership failed.

Both Houses of Congress within a matter of weeks will conduct binding votes on a matter of cardinal importance for America's future security and global credibility: whether to fund the President's supplemental funding request for our military. The President urges both Houses to approve his request. This would provide not only for much-needed reinforcements to aid American servicemen and women in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with funding for equipment, training, armor and other battlefield essentials. It would support increases in the end-strength of the Army and Marines; provide for the replacement of worn-out equipment and for the deployment of next-generation weaponry, transport and force protection. It would enable the world's most capable military force to remain the most advanced in terms of training, equipment, doctrine - and most importantly, the quality of the men and women who serve.

This week's voting gave the world a glimpse of democracy's vigor. The next votes should provide unmistakable assurance of this nation's resolve in achieving success, supporting the cause of democracy, and stopping terrorist forces in their ultimate aim of bringing their violence to our shores.

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