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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 15, 2007

President's Statement on Fiscal Year 2007 Appropriations

I am pleased that the final bill for the Fiscal Year 2007 appropriations process complies with the overall spending limits that I set. That means for the third year in a row, domestic discretionary spending will be below inflation. However, I remain concerned that the bill, in many cases, reflects the wrong spending priorities. In particular, the bill shifts funding needed for our Armed Forces to unrequested domestic programs. The Congress should work to address these priorities without adding to the deficit.

I am pleased this legislation makes progress on earmarks, but there is more to do. As the Congress takes up the 2008 Budget, it should continue to take steps to improve transparency for all earmarks, provide the option of an up or down vote for each earmark, and reduce the number and cost of earmarks by at least half.

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