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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
January 19, 2007

President Bush's Statement on Republican National Committee Leadership

The Republican Party has a long and rich history of empowering Americans to determine the future of our country. Today, members of the Republican National Committee selected a new team of leaders who will build upon our strong legacy and will encourage more Americans to join our party.

We are fortunate that the Republican National Committee will be under the leadership of Senator Mel Martinez as General Chairman, Mike Duncan as Chairman, and Jo Ann Davidson as Co-Chairman. Senator Martinez will help our party effectively communicate the Republican message of hope and opportunity for all Americans. Mike Duncan is a proven leader who will organize thousands of dedicated staff and volunteers to educate Americans about the great promise of our agenda. Jo Ann Davidson will continue to draw upon her extensive political experience to help expand our support in communities throughout our country.

I am pleased that this team has been put into place and look forward to working with them on our continued efforts to keep our country safe and prosperous.

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