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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 18, 2006

Fact Sheet: Implementation of the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Six-Month Status Report

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Today, Frances Fragos Townsend, The Assistant To The President For Homeland Security And Counterterrorism, Summarized Progress The U.S. Government Has Made Implementing The Actions In The National Strategy For Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan. The National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza was released by the President on November 1, 2005, on the same day that the President requested $7.1 billion from Congress to accomplish the objectives of the Strategy. The Implementation Plan was released on May 3, 2006, and directed Federal Departments and Agencies to undertake over 300 actions in support of the National Strategy.

Summary Of Progress Implementing The Strategy1

Ninety-Two Percent Of All Actions Due Within Six Months Of Release Of The Implementation Plan in May 2006 Have Been Completed. The remaining eight percent of actions are still in progress, and should be completed shortly.

This Outcome Is A Result Of The Tireless Work Of Federal Employees In Departments And Agencies Across The Government, Working Domestically And Abroad. Specific progress includes:

The Work Ahead

This Progress Is Very Promising, But Much Work Remains. In addition to the small number of "six-month" actions that are not yet complete, a number of other actions that are due at nine, 12, and 24 months are underway and will require sustained effort and resources.

[1] Due to ongoing scientific analysis and the need for additional consultation with public health, education, and faith and community based organizations, the due dates for 12 actions related to community containment were moved to February 1, 2007. Several of these actions have been completed, but may require revision upon the completion of the interim community containment guidance in December 2006. These 12 actions are not counted in this summary of progress implementing the Strategy.

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