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President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 28, 2006

President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Ansip of Estonia
Stenbock House
Tallinn, Estonia

President's Remarks

      In Focus: Global Diplomacy

9:37 A.M. (Local)

PRIME MINISTER ANSIP: (In progress) -- Once again, thank you very much for your support and for the support of your country.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. We're honored to be here. It's a great country. And I thank you for your leadership. I'm very proud of the economic accomplishments and your contributions to peace and liberty around the world. I've really been looking forward to coming here. I'm honored that you agreed to -- (inaudible) --. Thank you.

END 9:38 A.M. (Local)

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