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For Immediate Release
Office of the First Lady
October 27, 2006

Mrs. Bush's Remarks to the Press Pool
West Palm Beach Public Library
West Palm Beach, Florida

4:11 P.M. EDT

MRS. BUSH: Well, I just wanted to come over and say hey to everyone, and to encourage people all in here, in West Palm, and all in Florida to use their public libraries. This is a really wonderful resource for West Palm Beach. You can see how many kids come here. This is one of the very well attended public libraries in the United States.

So I want to encourage people to remember that you can even read scary books at Halloween, that there are other things you can do besides eat candy with your kids at all the different holidays. And a library is a good place to find all the things that you might want to read.

I'm also very happy to be here with your Congressman Clay Shaw, and happy to be in his district to stand with him. Thank you all very much for coming out today. Good to see you all. Thanks.

END 4:12 P.M. EDT

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