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President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 18, 2006

President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Badawi of Malaysia
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
New York, New York

2:58 P.M. EDT

PRESIDENT BUSH: It's been my honor, Mr. Prime Minister, to be with you. You're one of the outstanding leaders in a very important part of the world. I want to thank you for strategizing our discussions. We talked about a lot of things. The main thing we talked about is how we can work together to keep the peace. And I want to thank you for your time.

PRIME MINISTER BADAWI: Thank you, Mr. President. You shared me with me Americans nation's and your views on many issues, is very, very, impressive, and I am certainly most likely to see that you are very concerned for peace and U.N. peacekeeping in the Middle East.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you.

END 2:59 P.M. EDT

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