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For Immediate Release
Office of the First Lady
September 20, 2006

Fact Sheet: U.S. Launches Public-Private Partnership for Clean Water in Africa

Today, Mrs. Laura Bush announced a groundbreaking Public-Private Partnership between the U.S. Government, PlayPumps International, the Case Foundation, and other public and private sector partners. This $60 million alliance will work with 10 sub-Saharan African countries to bring the benefits of clean drinking water to up to 10 million people by 2010.

The innovative PlayPump water system ( ) is powered by children's play. When children turn a merry-go-round wheel as they play, they pump clean water for their village - helping keep themselves and their neighbors in good health. The PlayPump was invented in Africa, is manufactured in Africa, and benefits Africans.

The United States Government, Through USAID And The U.S. President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief, Will Provide A Combined $10 Million To This Alliance Over Three Years

This will directly support the provision and installation of PlayPump water systems in approximately 650 schools, health centers and HIV-affected areas in the following countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

A Lack Of Clean Water Is One Of The Biggest Health Challenges Facing Africa Today

Millions of Africans die each year from preventable waterborne illnesses and up to half the region's population at any one time suffers from diseases related to unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.

Public-Private Partnerships Are Vital To Meeting The Tremendous Challenges Facing Our World

Public-Private Partnerships enable the U.S. Government and its partners to maximize their reach and effectiveness through jointly defined objectives and program implementation. Even the most dedicated governments cannot meet all the needs of the developing world alone. Yet through Public-Private Partnerships:


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