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For Immediate Release
August 28, 2006

Fact Sheet: A New Mississippi: Rebuilding in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina

      In Focus: Hurricane Katrina

Today, President Bush Visited Biloxi, Mississippi, To Discuss The Lessons Our Nation Has Learned Since Hurricane Katrina, The Work Done Over The Past Year, And The Work That Lies Ahead. A new Mississippi is emerging from Katrina's destruction, evidenced by the new partnership between local communities, the State government, and the Federal government; the reconstruction of Mississippi's homes and businesses; the support Mississippi is providing for students; and the armies of compassion that have risen up in every Gulf Coast community. However, the one-year anniversary is not the finish line, and many challenges still remain.

Building A New Partnership Between Local Communities, The State, And The Federal Government

The New Mississippi Is Seen In The New Partnership Between Local, State, And Federal Officials. The President believes the people of Mississippi know the needs of their communities better than people in Washington. Their vision is the future of the Gulf Coast, and the Federal government will do its part to help them achieve that vision. Over the past 12 months, this partnership has yielded results:

Reconstructing Mississippi's Homes And Businesses

The New Mississippi Is Seen In The Construction Of New Homes And The Return Of Local Businesses. In Mississippi, more than $3 billion in housing grants is beginning to flow into the hands of homeowners and renters to help them repair, rebuild, and relocate. The rebuilding effort will require help from everyone - government agencies, insurance companies, volunteers, and others.

Providing Support For Mississippi's Students

The New Mississippi Is Seen In The Commitment To Schools That Put Children First. Education is the gateway to opportunity in life and the future of Mississippi and our Nation. The President is committed to building an education system that gives every child the tools to succeed.

Mobilizing America's Armies Of Compassion

The New Mississippi Is Seen In The Response Of Faith-Based And Community Organizations. For example, volunteers at Hands-On Gulf Coast are cleaning up wreckage, removing mold, repairing roofs, providing food and clothing, and tutoring students.

Over The Last Year, America's Private Citizens And Public Companies Have Donated Generously To Our Gulf Coast Communities. This giving has been used by America's armies of compassion to provide much-needed services to hurricane victims.

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