The White House
President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 14, 2006

President Meets with Secretary of Defense and Defense Policy and Programs Team
The Pentagon

President's Remarks

      In Focus: Defense

9:27 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Secretary, thanks for having me. The National Security Team from the White House was anxious to come over and get a briefing from you. We've got a lot to discuss. It's very important for the American people to know that we're constantly thinking about how to secure the homeland, protect our interests and use all assets available to do our jobs.

I appreciate very much you and your team providing the very important briefing. We live in troubled times, but I'm confident in our capacity to not only protect the homeland, but I'm confident in our capacity to leave behind a better world. And one reason I feel so confident is because we've got a fantastic military. It's been an honor to travel the country, to meet those who wear the uniform. We're a blessed nation to have men and women who are willing to volunteer during these difficult times.

And so Mr. Secretary, thanks for the briefing; I'm looking forward to it. And thank you all for giving us your insights and -- thank you.

END 9:29 A.M. EDT

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