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For Immediate Release
August 21, 2006

Fact Sheet: United States Humanitarian, Reconstruction, and Security Assistance to Lebanon

     Fact sheet In Focus: Peace in the Middle East

Today, President Bush Announced That The United States Was Planning To Provide Over $230 Million In Humanitarian, Reconstruction, And Security Assistance To Lebanon. $27 million of this assistance has already been provided. This assistance aims to strengthen Lebanon's sovereign, democratic government, help the Lebanese people rebuild their country, and ensure lasting peace and security for the entire region.

Humanitarian Assistance

The United States Is Leading The International Effort To Bring Urgently Needed Humanitarian Relief To The People Of Lebanon. From the onset of the conflict, U.S. diplomatic, military, and disaster relief personnel have coordinated with the Lebanese government, non-governmental organizations, and allies to alleviate the suffering of the Lebanese people.

The United States Has:

Reconstruction Assistance

The United States Commitment To Lebanon Will Continue Beyond The Stage Of Immediate Relief. Our commitment to bolstering Lebanon's fragile democracy and assisting the Lebanese people is enduring and unwavering.

The United States Will:

Security Assistance

The Cornerstone Of A Sovereign And Independent Lebanese Government Is A Strong And Effective Lebanese Army. The United States will assist the Lebanese Armed Forces and Lebanon's national police to ensure that they can extend government authority throughout Lebanon, secure Lebanon's borders and ports of entry, and ensure that no armed groups exist in Lebanon outside the authority of the state.

The United States Will:

The Assistance Of The U.S. Government Is A Reflection Of The Generosity Of The American People. In order to tap into the generosity of America's private businesses and individuals, a high-level Presidential delegation will be dispatched to Lebanon in order to help channel private U.S. donations to needy people and organizations.

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