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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 21, 2006

Setting the Record Straight: President Bush's Foreign Policy Is Succeeding

      Setting the Record Straight

NBC's David Gregory: "Crisis After Crisis Has Undermined The Bush Doctrine." (NBC's "Today," 7/21/06)

A Consensus Is Building Behind The President's Foreign Policy Approach

Gregory: The Administration Has Exercised "Diplomatic Disengagement From The Israeli Conflict In Favor Of A Wait And See Approach." (NBC's "Today," 7/21/06)

The Administration Is Continuing Its Active Engagement

Gregory: President Bush's Foreign Policy "Has Yet To Produce The Promised Results." (NBC's "Today," 7/21/06)

Foreign Policy Problems Did Not Arise Overnight, And They Will Not Be Solved Overnight

Gregory: Comments From Conservatives Such As Max Boot Show That Conservatives Are Questioning "The President's Nerve." GREGORY: "Even the President's conservative allies say the world has become more unstable. Where, they now ask, is the President's nerve?" MAX BOOT, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: "We should be more aggressive in trying to make clear to Iran and Syria that their aggressive actions will have consequences." (NBC's "Today," 7/21/06)

Conservatives Stand Behind The President's Policies

On Wednesday, Max Boot Wrote: "Our Best Response Is Exactly What Bush Has Done So Far – Reject Premature Calls For A Cease-Fire And Let Israel Finish The Job." (Max Boot, "It's Time To Let The Israelis Take Off The Gloves," Los Angeles Times, 7/19/06)

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