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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 15, 2006

Fact Sheet: President Signs Emergency Funding Bill

Fiscally Responsible Bill Funds War on Terror, Hurricane Relief, Border Security, and Avian Flu Preparations

Today, President Bush signed legislation to provide emergency funding for the War on Terror, hurricane relief, border security, and pandemic influenza preparationsThe President is committed to giving our commanders and troops in the field the resources they need to fight the War on Terror, and this bill continues that commitment.  It also follows through on the President’s commitment to help Gulf Coast families rebuild, funds the President’s border security initiatives as part of his efforts to enact comprehensive immigration reform, and provides necessary funding to prepare for a possible flu pandemic.

A Fiscally Responsible BillThe President promised to veto a bill that exceeded his funding request.  The Administration worked closely with Congress to ensure that the bill holds the line on spending while providing for emergency needs.  Highlights of the $94.5 billion in emergency funding include:

Fighting the War on Terror: $70.4 billion

Helping Families and Communities Rebuild from Last Year’s Hurricanes: $19.8 billion

Securing America’s Borders: $1.9 billion

Preparing for a Possible Influenza Pandemic:  $2.3 billion

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