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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 13, 2006

Fact Sheet: Camp David Meetings: Building on Progress in Iraq

      In Focus: Renewal in Iraq

"My message to the Iraqi people is this: seize the moment; seize this opportunity to develop a government of and by and for the people. And I also have a message to the Iraqi people that when America gives a commitment, America will keep its commitment."

-- President Bush, 6/13/06

The Unity Government In Iraq Is A New Opportunity For Progress. Prime Minister Maliki has laid out his plan to advance his most pressing priorities in Iraq. And the events of last week – completing the formation of the government and eliminating the terrorist leader Zarqawi – mark significant progress toward realization of our shared goal of a free and peaceful Iraq that is an ally in the War on Terror.

The Iraqi Government Has A Plan To Move Iraq Forward

Prime Minister Maliki Is Focused On Taking Immediate Actions In Three Areas:

1. Improve security by both military and political actions; secure Baghdad; eliminate armed gangs; and promote national reconciliation and the rule of law.

2. Immediately build economic and government capacity; increase production of oil and electricity; and build a foundation for prosperity.

3. Engage the nations of the region and the world in Iraq's democratic and economic development.

The President Discussed The New Iraqi Government's Plan In Detail With His National Security Team And Other Cabinet Officials. They assessed ongoing U.S. efforts in each area of the Iraqi plan and directed adjustments to U.S. plans as necessary to fully align with the plans of the new government.

We Continue To Comprehensively Work With The Iraqi Government To Build Security Forces, To Create The Government Institutions Necessary To Provide Essential Services To The People, And To Build The Institutions Of Democracy And Prosperity.

Examples Of Specific Actions The U.S. Government Will Take In The Short Term To Advance The Iraqi Government Plan

On Security And Reconciliation:

Securing Baghdad: The Prime Minister has made the security of Baghdad his top priority. He has briefed the U.S. government on his campaign to crack down on the violence and at the same time promote reconciliation.

Securing Ramadi: Terrorists/insurgents have been focusing on destabilizing Ramadi, the provincial capital of Anbar, both to undermine the government in that province and as a transfer point and staging ground for attacks elsewhere.

Building Confidence In Iraq's Security Forces: Prime Minister Maliki is committed to both increasing public confidence in Iraqi security forces and improving the ability of those forces to take the lead in and eventually responsibility for the security of Iraq.

Judicial Capacity: Prime Minister Maliki recognizes that a secure and prosperous society requires a functioning and independent judiciary. A society needs courts, prosecutors, investigators, and correctional facilities to enforce the rule of law, deter violence, prosecute wrongdoers, and justly punish the guilty.

Bringing Armed Groups Under Control Of The Government: The Prime Minister intends to develop a plan to ensure that no entities outside the Iraqi government wield force in Iraq. His strategy will involve enforcing existing laws against illegal armed groups and dedicating additional resources to ensure members of militias have an alternative means of supporting themselves and their families.

Reconciliation: Prime Minister Maliki has called on all Iraqis to overcome ethnic and sectarian differences and forge a new path as the free people of Iraq. The President congratulated him on his efforts to unify the Iraqi people, including the release of more than 2,500 detainees. The Prime Minister has said he will appoint a reconciliation committee to focus on resolving specific concerns of Iraq's diverse communities. The United Nations has a team in Baghdad focused on bridging divides and resolving differences between groups peacefully.

On Economic And Government Capacity-Building:

Revitalized Economy: The Prime Minister is committed to a policy of national revitalization. This demands the creation of a new economic framework that rewards innovation and investment and the removal of market distortions that abet smuggling and corruption. Today the President welcomed Prime Minister Maliki's plan to spur growth and create a better investment environment.

Oil And Electricity: Insurgents and terrorists have tried to cripple Iraq's economy by crippling its oil industry. Prime Minister Maliki is committed to sustainable oil exports and improving the delivery of electricity.

On Engaging The Nations Of The World In Iraq's Success:

International Compact: The international community has made pledges to support Iraq's fledgling democracy, but many are unfilled. It is time for the international community to meet its obligations. Prime Minister Maliki is asking international organizations to take the lead with his government in developing a compact between the international community and the Iraqi government and people. This compact will bind actions by Iraq to actions by other countries and international institutions, and make Iraq's success a shared objective and commitment. The Prime Minister envisions a compact in which Iraq will undertake a series of political, economic, and security steps in exchange for more robust political and financial support from the international community.

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