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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 14, 2006

President Meets with Iraq Study Group
The Roosevelt Room

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President's Remarks
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     Fact sheet In Focus: Renewal in Iraq

2:36 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: I want to thank a distinguished group of Americans, led by Jim Baker and Lee Hamilton, for your willingness to look at the way forward in Iraq and to provide advice to the administration, to the Congress, and to the American people about the proper strategies and tactics to achieve success.

President George W. Bush, is joined by Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, left, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, right, as he addresses members of the Iraq Study Group Wednesday, June 14, 2006 in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, thanking the bipartisan group for their willingness to provide advice to the administration on Iraq. White House photo by Kimberlee Hewitt Iraq is a complex situation. It is vital that we succeed. And the fact that you all are willing to lend your expertise to help chart the way forward means a lot. And I can't thank you enough. We've got Republicans at the table, we've got Democrats at the table, we've got people who've served in the administration, administrations past, our court system, and the legislative branch, and you bring a lot of expertise and a lot of knowledge. And the fact that you're willing to lend your expertise and knowledge to help our country means a lot.

Once again you've been called to serve, and once again you are serving, and we thank you for that a lot. Appreciate you very much.

END 2:37 P.M. EDT

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