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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 4, 2006

Fact Sheet: United States and Pakistan: Long-Term Strategic Partners

"Five years ago, Pakistan was one of only three nations that recognized the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. That all changed after September the 11th. President Musharraf understood that he had to make a fundamental choice for his people. He could turn a blind eye and leave his people hostage to terrorists, or he could join the free world in fighting the terrorists. President Musharraf made the right choice, and the United States of America is grateful for his leadership. ... Pakistan now has the opportunity to write a new chapter in its history, and the United States wants to build a broad and lasting strategic partnership with the people of Pakistan."

President George W. Bush, February 22, 2006

The U.S.-Pakistan partnership is broad-based, strategic, and long term. Pakistan is a vital ally in the War on Terror. Pakistan is making progress toward democracy. And the United States and Pakistan are strengthening economic ties to expand freedom and prosperity in Pakistan.

The United States is committed to an enduring partnership with Pakistan and is determined to stand by Pakistan for the long run. The United States will continue to support Pakistan's capabilities in the War on Terror and to meet other legitimate defense needs.

The U.S.-Pakistan strategic partnership is based on the shared interests of the two countries in building a stable and sustainable democracy and in promoting peace, security, stability, prosperity, and democracy in South Asia and across the globe. Under this strategic partnership, President Bush and President Musharraf are launching a Strategic Dialogue that will meet regularly to review issues of mutual interest.

The two countries are working together on a variety of issues, including:







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