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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 2, 2006

Fact Sheet: United States and India: Strategic Partnership

"We have an ambitious agenda with India. Our agenda is practical. It builds on a relationship that has never been better. India is a global leader, as well as a good friend. ... My trip will remind everybody about the strengthening of an important strategic partnership. We'll work together in practical ways to promote a hopeful future for citizens in both our nations."

President George W. Bush, February 22, 2006

CIVIL NUCLEAR COOPERATION: The United States and India have reached an historic agreement on civil nuclear cooperation. The agreement addresses India's surging energy needs for its growing economy. This will also ease the burden on other countries as the world's energy needs continue to rise.

The U.S.-India strategic partnership is rooted in shared values and is broad in nature and scope, with our two countries working together on global issues, including expanding economic freedom and democracy; ensuring plentiful sources of clean, safe, and reliable energy; protecting security; supporting innovation and technological advances; and promoting public health.

ECONOMY: The United States and India are expanding cooperation to enhance job creation and economic growth; support economic reform and liberalization; develop a bilateral business climate supportive of trade and investment; and improve market access for goods and services.

DEMOCRACY: Building on their common values and interests, the United States and India affirmed their joint commitment to promote freedom and democracy and assist countries in transition. Effective democracies with governments accountable to the people are the best means of ensuring long-term stability and prosperity.

ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT: The United States and India are working together to help meet India's rising demand for energy by looking at new technologies to produce clean, safe, and reliable energy.

SECURITY: The United States and India are building the foundation of a durable defense relationship that will continue to support our common strategic and security interests.

INNOVATIVE AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES: The United States and India are working together to support the creation of innovative, dynamic, knowledge-based economies.

PUBLIC HEALTH: The United States and India are cooperating to expand efforts to combat and prevent Avian Influenza and HIV/AIDS.

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