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President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 22, 2005

Fact Sheet: President Bush's Accomplishments in 2005


A Week Of Accomplishments

President Bush Is Committed To Winning The War On Terror

President Bush Is Advancing His Agenda To Maintain A Strong And Vibrant Economy

The President Nominated Well-Qualified Candidates To The U.S. Supreme Court

President Bush Has Worked With Congress To Pass Legislation Important To The American People

The President Is Acting To Help The Gulf Coast Recover From Natural Disaster

The President Called On Americans To Help Those In The Gulf Coast Region. USA Freedom Corps created a nationwide information clearinghouse allowing individuals, businesses, schools, groups, and families to connect with volunteer opportunities to help families in the Gulf Coat. To date, American companies and individuals have combined to donate nearly $2.9 billion for relief, recovery, and reconstruction. Former Presidents Bush and Clinton have led a private fundraising effort that has already received pledges of more than $100 million to aid the Gulf Coast's recovery. Americans who want to contribute or volunteer can in the Gulf Coast can find more information at .

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