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For Immediate Release
December 4, 2005

Guest List for the Kennedy Center Honors Reception Hosted by the President and Mrs. Bush


The Honorable Jane Alexander, Artists Committee, Kennedy Center Honors
Mr. Anthony Sherin (Guest)

Mr. Army Archerd, Kennedy Center Honors
Mrs. Selma F. Archerd

The Honorable Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, The Arca Foundation
Mr. Smith Bagley, General Trustee, Kennedy Center

Mr. Bob Balaban
Ms. Lynn Grossman

Ms. Christine Baranski
Ms. Isabel Cowles (Guest)

Mr. Joshua Bell, Kennedy Center Artists Committee
Ms. Shirley Bell (Guest)

Ms. Ciel Benedetto

Ms. Antonia Bennett

Mr. Austin Bennett

Mr. Dae Bennett

Mr. Danny Bennett
Ms. Kerri Fersel (Guest)

Mr. Jared Bennett

Ms. Johanna Bennett

Ms. Kelsey Bennett

Mr. Tony Bennett
Ms. Susan Crow (Guest)

Ms. Jessica Betts
Mr. Jason Santiago (Guest)

Ms. Maggie Betts
Mr. Charles Rockefeller (Guest)

Mr. Roland W. Betts
Mrs. Lois P. Betts, Trustee, Kennedy Center Board

Ms. Nancy Biffar

Mr. Theodore Bikel, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Ms. Tamara Brooks (Guest)

The Honorable Roy Blunt, United States Representative (R/Missouri)
Mrs. Abagail Perlman Blunt

The Honorable Samuel W. Bodman, Secretary of Energy
Mrs. M. Diane Bodman, Spouse of the Secretary of Energy

The Honorable Joshua Bolten, Director, Office of Management and Budget
Ms. Dede McClure, Guest of Mr. Joshua Bolten (Guest)

Ms. Kathryn Bowden

Justice Stephen G. Breyer, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Dr. Joanna Breyer

The Honorable Nancy G. Brinker, Founding Chairman, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Mr. Eric Brinker (Son)

Mr. Lou Briskman
Ms. Karen Davis (Guest)

Mr. Tom Brokaw, Special Correspondent, NBC News
Mrs. Meredith Brokaw

Mr. Harold Burson, Founding Chairman -- Burson Marsteller, Corporate Fund -- Kennedy Center
Mrs. Bette Burson

Mrs. Margaret Bush

Mr. Patrick Butler
Mrs. Donna Butler

The Honorable Andrew H. Card, Jr., Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff
The Reverend Kathleene B. Card, Trinity United Methodist Church

The Honorable Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor
The Honorable Mitch McConnell, United States Senator (R/Kentucky) and, Spouse of the Secretary of Labor

The Honorable Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security
Mrs. Meryl Chertoff, Spouse of the Secretary of Homeland Security

Ms. Glenn Close
Mr. David Shaw (Guest)

Mr. Richard Coessens
Mrs. Donna Coessens

Mr. Robert Stephan Cohen, Senior Partner, Cohen Lans LLP
Ms. Stephanie Stiefel

Ms. Barbara Cook, Kennedy Center Artists Committee

Ms. Tyne Daly

T.S.H. Prince Pierre d'Arenberg
Princess Sylvia d'Arenberg

The Honorable Gordon Davidson
Mrs. Judi Davidson

Mr. Roger Davies

Ms. Jill Davis
Mr. Michael Greene (Guest)

Mr. Rudy De Leon, The Boeing Company
Mrs. Anne Marie De Leon

Ms. Bo Derek, Trustee, Kennedy Center Honors
Mr. Kerry A Perez (Guest)

Mr. Craig Dubow, President and CEO/Broadcasting Division, CBS
Mrs. Denise Dubow

Mr. John Dunnan
Mrs. Meredith Dunnan

Mr. Alfred C. Eckert III
Mrs. Claire Eckert

The Honorable Melvyn J. Estrin, Chairman and CEO, Estrin International
Mrs. Suellen Estrin, Spouse of the Chairman and CEO of Estrin International (MD)

Mr. George Farias, Kennedy Center Trustee, President and CEO, International Finance Holdings
Ms. Allison Pratt (Guest)

Ms. Suzanne Farrell
Dr. Daniel Weiner (Guest)

Mr. Eric Feldstein
Mrs. Miriam Feldstein

Mr. Thomas C. Foley, Chairman, NTC Group
Ms. Themis Klarides, Guest of Mr. Thomas Foley (Guest)

The Honorable Bill Frist, United States Senator (R/Tennessee)
Mrs. Karyn Frist

Mr. Richard Fudge, Chairman and CEO, Young & Rubicam Brands
Mrs. Anne Fudge

The Honorable Craig Fuller, President and CEO - National Association of Chain Drug Stores (America's Promise Supporter, Corporate Fund - Kennedy Center
Mrs. Karen D. Fuller, Spouse of the President and CEO of National Association of Chain Drug Stores

Mr. Mark Gallogly
Ms. Lise Strickler

Mrs. Regan Gammon, Board Member, National Park Federation

Mr. Richard Geary, Richard and Janet Geary Foundation
Mrs. Janet Geary, Advisory Committee, Kennedy Center

Mr. Al Glickman, Kennedy Center Trustee
Mrs. Judy Glickman

Mr. Stuart Goldfarb, President and CEO, BMG Columbia House
Ms. Lisa Wartels

Mr. David R. Goode, Chairman, President and CEO --Norfolk Southern Corporation, Corporate Fund - Kennedy Center
Mrs. Susan S. Goode

Mr. Martin Granoff
Mrs. Perry Granoff

Mr. Albert Green
Ms. Janet Rich (Guest)

Mrs. Monica Greenberg, Board of Trustee Member, The Washington Opera
Mr. Aleco Jaime Bravo Greenberg

Ms. Cynthia Gregory
Mr. Hilary Miller

Mr. Bob Greifeld, President and CEO, NASDAQ
Mrs. Julia Greifeld

Ms. Nancy Dodson Greiser, CBS
Mr. Greg Greiser

Mr. Vinod Gupta
Ms. Laurel Gottesman

The Honorable Carlos M. Gutierrez, Secretary of Commerce
Mrs. Edilia 'Edi' Gutierrez, Spouse of the Secretary of Commerce

Mr. Herbie Hancock, Artists Committee, Kennedy Center
Mrs. Gudrun Hancock, Spouse of Jazz Pianist, Herbie Hancock

Dr. Sidney Harman, Executive Chairman, Harman International Industries, Inc.
The Honorable Jane Harman, United States Representative (D/California)

Miss Julie Harris

Mr. Richard Harris
Mrs. Mildred L. Harris

Ms. Kitty Carlisle Hart, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Mr. Christopher Hart (Guest)

Ms. Florence Henderson, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Mr. Jesse Rogers (Guest)

Mrs. Ruth Henderson

Ms. Paloma Herrera, Kennedy Center Artists Committee

Mr. Geoffrey Holder, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Ms. Carmen de Lavallade

Mr. A.E. Hotchner, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Ms. Virginia Kiser

Mr. Jerry Inzerillo

Mrs. Ghada Irani, Spouse of the Chairman and CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Ms. Barbara Davis (Guest)

The Honorable Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Mrs. Marcia Jackson, Spouse of the Secretary of the Housing and Urban Development
Ms. Louise Clark (Guest)

Mr. Hamilton James
Mrs. Amabel James

Mr. Howard Johnson, Kennedy Center Honorary Trustee and Benefit Committee
Mrs. Brenda Johnson, Kennedy Center Trustee

The Honorable James A. Johnson, Kennedy Center Honorary Trustee and Benefit Committee Member, Chairman and CEO, Perseus, LLC; Board Member, African American History and Culture Museum
Dr. Maxine Isaacs
Mr. Kenneth M. Jastrow II, PT Ranch (Guest)
Mrs. Susie Jastrow (Guest)

Mr. Alan Jones, Morgan Stanley
Ms. Ashley Garrett

Mr. Michael Kahn, Artistic Director, The Shakespeare Theatre
Mr. Andrew Reynolds (Guest)

Mr. Michael Kaiser, Kennedy Center Trustee and Benefit Committee Member, President, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Mr. Jack Kay
Ms. Lauren Pollin (Guest)

Mrs. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
Mr. Edwin Schlossberg

Mr. Mathew Knowles, Music World/ Sanctuary Urban Management
Mrs. Tina Knowles

Mr. Joseph Kolshak, Delta Airlines
Mrs. Ann Marie Kolshak

Mr. Donald Kramer
Mrs. Elizabeth Kramer

Ms. Kathryn Dawn Lang, Direct Management
Ms. Jamie Barbara Price (Guest)

Mr. Jaime Laredo, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Ms. Sharon Robinson

Mr. Marc Lasry
Mrs. Elizabeth Cohen Lasry

The Honorable Michael O. Leavitt, Secretary of Health and Human Services
Mrs. Jacalyn Leavitt, Spouse of the Secretary of Health and Human Services

Ms. Debra Lee, President & COO, Black Entertainment Network
Mr. Bob Johnson (Guest)

Ms. Michele Lee, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Mr. Fred Rappoport (Guest)

Mrs. Beverly Leeson
Mr. Lyle Leeson

Miss Kathryn Leeson

Miss Rebecca Leeson

Mr. John Legend
Mr. Seth Friedman (Guest)

Mr. Nils Lofgren
Mrs. Amy Lofgren

The Honorable Fred Malek, Kennedy Center Trustee
Mrs. Marlene Malek, General Trustee, Kennedy Center

Mr. Wynton Marsalis, Jazz Musician, Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center
Mr. Carlos Henriquez (Guest)

Mr. James May, President and CEO, Air Transport Association
Mrs. Bonnie May

Mrs. Dorothy McAuliffe
Mr. Terence R. McAuliffe, Kennedy Center Trustee

The Honorable Anita McBride, Deputy Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff to the First Lady, Office of Mrs. Bush
The Honorable Timothy J. McBride, Senior Vice President of Government Relations, Freddie Mac

Mr. John H McCall MacBain, President and CEO, Trader Classified Media
Mrs. Marcy McCall MacBain

The Honorable John P. McConnell, Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Speechwriter for the President and Vice President, Office of the Vice President

Dr. Hank McKinnell, Chairman and CEO -- Pfizer, Inc.
Ms. Joanna Maria Slonecka

Mr. W. James McNerney, Jr., Chairman, President and CEO, The Boeing Company
Mrs. Haity McNerney, Spouse of Mr. James McNerney

Mrs. Dorothy Pierce McSweeny, Chair, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
The Honorable William Francis McSweeny, Kennedy Center Trustee

Ms. Dina Merrill, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Captain Ted Hartley

Mr. Steven Mineker
Mrs. Rachel Mineker

The Honorable Norman Y. Mineta, Secretary of Transportation
Mrs. Danealia Mineta, Spouse of the Secretary of Transportation

Dame Helen Mirren
Mr. Taylor Edwin Hackford

Mr. Arthur Mitchell, Kennedy Center Former Honoree, Founder and Artistic Director, Dance Theatre of Harlem
Ms. Charmaine Hunter (Guest)

Mr. Leslie Moonves, Co-President & Co-COO -- Viacom, Inc., President and CEO---CBS Television
Ms. Julie Chen (Guest)

Mrs. Dianne Ingles Moss
The Honorable William P. Moss

Mr. Joseph Mulcahy, Chairman and Chief Executive Office -- Xerox Corporation, Corporate Fund - Kennedy Center
Mrs. Anne M. Mulcahy, Chairman and CEO, Xerox Corporation

Mr. Thomas Neff, Chairman, US, Spencer Stuart
Mrs. Sarah Neff

Mr. Michael F. Neidorff
Mrs. Noemi Neidorff

Mr. Willie Nelson
Ms. Amy Nelson (Daughter)

The Honorable Jim Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Mrs. Suzanne Nicholson, Spouse of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Mr. Brent Nicklas
The Honorable Ken Allen

The Honorable Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior
Mr. John G. Hughes, Spouse of the Secretary of the Interior

Mr. Mark O'Connor, Artist Committee, Kennedy Center
Ms. Andra Voldins (Guest)

The Honorable Sandra Day O'Connor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Mr. John Jay O'Connor III

Mr. Mandell Ourisman, Trustee, Kennedy Center
Mrs. Mary Ourisman, Board of Trustee Member, The Washington Opera; General Trustee, Kennedy Center; Member, Member, Smithsonian National Board; Member of Board of Directors, Blair House

Mr. William G. Parrett, CEO, Deloitte & Touche
Mrs. Diane Parrett

Mr. Hank M. Paulson, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer --The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (America's Promise Supporter), Corporate Fund - The Kennedy Center
Mrs. Wendy Paulson

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Kennedy Center
Mr. Paul Pelosi, Spouse of United States Representative (D/California)

Mr. Itzhak Perlman, Former Honoree, Kennedy Center Honors
Mrs. Toby Lynn Perlman

Mr. Davis Phalen
Mrs. Miriam Phalen

Mr. Frank Pierson, Artists Committee, Kennedy Center Honors
Mrs. Helene Pierson

Mr. John Plant, President and CEO, TRW Automotive
Mrs. Christy Plant

The Honorable John Price
Mrs. Marcia Price

The Honorable Elizabeth Pruet
Mr. Ben James (Grandson)

Mr. Mickey Raphael
Mrs. Heidi Anne Raphael

Mr. Lee R. Raymond, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Exxon Mobil Corporation
Mrs. Charlene B. Raymond

Ms. Amy Redford
Mr. Matthew August

Mr. Dylan Redford

Mr. James Redford
Mrs. Kyle Redford

Miss Lena Redford

Mr. Robert Redford, Wildwood Enterprises
Ms. Sibylle Szaggars

Ms. Shauna Redford
Mr. Eric Schlosser

Mr. Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO --- Viacom, CBS
Mrs. Paula Fortunato Redstone

Mr. Fred Reynolds, Chief Financial Officer, CBS
Mrs. Lundy Ellen Reynolds

The Honorable Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State

Mr. Timothy Ring
Ms. Kathryn Gleason

Mr. Joseph E. Robert, Jr., Chairman and CEO, J.E. Robert Companies
Corporal Joseph Robert III

Mr. Tony Roberts
Ms. Nicole Roberts

Kid Rock, Kennedy Center Honors Production 2004
Mr. Eric Grzybowski (Guest)

Ms. Jo Ann Ross, President, Network Sales), CBS
Mr. Michael Zelman

Mr. Mark Rothbaum
Ms. Mia M. Tangredi

Mr. David Rubenstein, Trustee, The Kennedy Center Honors, Founder and Managing Director of The Carlyle Group
Mrs. Alice Nicole Rogoff, Spouse of David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group

Mr. Jon Rubin
Ms. Julia Ormond, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member

Ms. Francesca Rubino

Mr. Rolf Sachs
Mrs. Maryam Sachs

Mr. Roger W. Sant, Chairman Emeritus and Co-Founder AES Corporation; Regent, Smithsonian Institution, The Edes House; Kennedy Center Benefit Committee Member
Mrs. Vicki Sant, President, Summit Foundation

Mr. B. Francis Saul II, Executive Officer - Chevy Chase Bank, Kennedy Center Honor Benefit Committee Member and Trustee Ex Officio
Mrs. Patricia Saul, Spouse of the Chairman and CEO of Chevy Chase Bank

Mr. Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS Washington
Mrs. Patricia Schieffer

Mr. Conor Schlosser

Ms. Michaela Schlosser

Mr. Peter Schruth, President, Affiliate Relations, CBS
Mrs. Susan Schruth

Mr. Stephen A. Schwarzman
Mrs. Christine Schwarzman, Spouse of the Chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group

Ms. Michele Schweitzer

Mr. Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott Management, Inc.

Ms. Marian Seldes

Mr. Ron A. Silver, Artists Committee, Kennedy Center Honors
Ms. Alexandra Silver (Daughter)

The Honorable Leonard L. Silverstein, Board of Directors, The White House Historical Association
Mrs. Elaine Silverstein

Mr. Tom E. Skerritt
Ms. Julie Tokashiki

Maestro Leonard Slatkin, Recipient, National Medal of the Arts
Mrs. Linda Hohenfeld Slatkin

Mr. Albert Small, President -- Southern Engineering Corporation (America's Promise Supporter), Corporate Fund - Kennedy Center
Mrs. Shirley Small, Board of Trustee Member, The Washington Opera

The Honorable Margaret Spellings, Secretary of Education
Mr. Robert Spellings, partner, Butera and Andrews, Attorneys at Law

Mr. Tom Stephenson, General Partner, Sequoia Capital, Kennedy Center Corporate Fund Board
Mrs. Barbara Stephenson, Member, Kennedy Center Advisory Committee

Dr. Paul G. Stern, Kennedy Center Benefit Committee Member
Mrs. Patricia Stern, Board of Trustee Member, The Washington Opera

Mr. Sy Sternberg, Chairman, President and CEO -- New York Life Insurance Company, Corporate Fund -- Kennedy Center
Mrs. Laurette Sternberg

Mr. Bob Stevens, Chairman, President and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mrs. Michelle Stevens, Spouse of Mr. Bob Stevens

Mr. George C. Stevens, Jr., Kennedy Center Honors Production Member
Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens

Mr. Michael Stevens
Mrs. Alexandra Gifford Stevens

Ms. Maria Tallchief, Kennedy Center Former Honoree
Ms. Elise Paschen, Editor, Poetry Speaks

Mr. Steven A. Tananbaum, President and CIO, GoldenTree Asset Management, LP
Mrs. Lisa Tananbaum

Mr. Sidney Taurel, Chairman, President and CEO -- Eli Lilly and Company, Corporate Fund -- Kennedy Center
Ms. Olivia Taurel

Dr. Billy Taylor, Artist's Committee, Kennedy Center

Mr. Noel Taylor

Mr. James Turley, Global Chairman -- Ernst & Young LLP, Corporate Fund -- Kennedy Center
Mrs. Lynne Turley

Ms. Tina Turner, Lindsay Scott Management, Inc.
Mr. Erwin Bach

Ms. Leslie Uggams
Mr. Grahame Pratt

Mr. Nicholas Vanoff, Boxholder, Kennedy Center
Ms. Katherine Lusk Vanoff

Mr. Edward Villella, Kennedy Center Former Honoree, Artistic Director, Miami City Ballet
Mrs. Linda Villella

Mr. William Wade, CBS
Mrs. Doreen Wade

Mr. Gene A. Washington, Director of Football Operations, National Football League

Mr. Mark Weiner, Sr., President, Financial Innovations, Incorporated
Mrs. Susan Weiner

Mr. James Whitehurst, Delta Air Lines
Mrs. Lauren N. Whitehurst

Ms. Vanessa Williams
Ms. Helen Williams (Guest)

Ms. Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions, Incorporated
Ms. Lisa Halliday, Communications Director (Guest)
Ms. Gayle King, Editor-at-Large, O, The Oprah Magazine (Guest)

Mr. Philip R. Yates, Chairman and CEO, Graham Packaging Company
Mrs. Natalie F. Yates

Mr. Michael York, Kennedy Center Artists Committee Member
Mrs. Patricia York

Ms. Karen Zatorski, Viacom

Ms. Karen Ziemba, Artists Committee, Kennedy Center
Mr. Harold W. Tatum

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