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For Immediate Release
December 7, 2005

Fact Sheet: Rebuilding Iraq

     Fact sheet National Strategy for Victory in Iraq
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Today's Presidential Action:

To Defeat The Enemy, The United States Is Helping Iraqis Rebuild. Over the course of this war, the Coalition has learned that winning the battle for Iraqi cities is only a first step. The Coalition has adjusted to win the "battle after the battle" by helping Iraqis consolidate their gains and keep the terrorists from returning.

The United States Is Working With Iraq's Leaders To Build A Sound Economy That Will Deliver A Better Life For Iraqis. Iraq is a nation with the potential for tremendous prosperity. The country has a young and educated workforce, abundant land and water, and among the largest oil resources in the world. Yet for decades, Saddam Hussein used Iraq's wealth to enrich himself and a privileged few and neglected the country's infrastructure and economy. The Coalition is helping the new Iraqi government reverse decades of economic destruction, reinvigorate its economy, and make responsible reforms. With Coalition help, the Iraqis are rebuilding infrastructure and establishing the institutions of a market economy. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong. A free Iraq will be built by the free people of Iraq - and the United States is proud to help.

Victory In Iraq

The United States Will Settle For Nothing Less Than Complete Victory In Iraq. Withdrawing on an artificial deadline would endanger the American people, harm our military, and make the Middle East less stable. It would also give the terrorists exactly what they want. The al-Qaida leader Zawahiri recently wrote to the terrorist Zarqawi in Iraq, and he cited the Vietnam War as a reason to believe the terrorists can prevail. The terrorists think they can make America run in Iraq; the terrorists hope America will withdraw before the job is done - so they can take over the country and turn it into a base for future attacks. America will not yield the future of Iraq to men like Zarqawi, nor will it yield the future of the Middle East to men like bin Laden.

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