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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 23, 2005

Message by the President on the Second Anniversary of the Rose Revolution

I send greetings to all those commemorating the second anniversary of the Rose Revolution.

Freedom is the longing of the soul and the permanent hope of mankind. Two years ago, the desire for liberty inspired thousands of Georgian citizens to reclaim their sovereignty and complete the journey to independence first begun in 1989 during the last days of the Soviet empire. These brave men and women, armed only with roses and the power of their convictions, stood up to claim liberty in their own country. Their actions began the Rose Revolution, inspiring those who believe in freedom and democratic reform around the world. In the two years since that peaceful revolution, the Georgian people have continued their contributions to freedom's cause and made significant progress in building a vibrant democracy.

The United States is committed to supporting democracy and the rule of law in Georgia and around the globe. I join all Americans in honoring the valiant Georgians who stood up against oppression and defended the right of all to be free. Your courage is an inspiration to those aspiring for freedom in their own land.

Laura and I send our best wishes on this special occasion.


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