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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 20, 2005

President Meets with President Hu of the People's Republic of China
Fujian Room
Great Hall of the People
Beijing, People's Republic of China

President's Remarks

      President's Visit to Asia

11:13 A.M. (Local)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you, Mr. President. First of all, thank you for arranging such beautiful weather, it's a beautiful day.

Secondly, thank you for the very frank and candid discussion we just had on a range of issues. China is an exciting country, and it's an important country. And this visit is a chance for you and me to continue a very important relationship.

I invited the President to come to America as soon as he can -- and I look forward to welcoming you, Mr. President, in our country, so we can continue our dialogue on how to make our relations as open and constructive for people in both our countries.

And so I really look forward to your hospitality and thank you for such a warm opening ceremony. Thank you, sir.

END 11:14 A.M. (Local)

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