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November 26, 2005

Setting the Record Straight: Sen. Biden Adopts Key Portions of Administration's Plan for Victory in Iraq

     Fact sheet In Focus: Iraq
     Fact sheet Setting the Record Straight

"There is a strong consensus building in Washington in favor of President Bush's strategy for victory in Iraq. As the Iraqi security forces gain strength and experience, we can lessen our troop presence in the country without losing our capability to effectively defeat the terrorists. Today, Sen. Biden described a plan remarkably similar to the Administration's plan to fight and win the war on terror. We welcome Sen. Biden's voice in the debate. We are pleased he shares our view that the way to a democratic and peaceful Iraq is through aggressively training Iraqi police and soldiers, rebuilding the country's infrastructure and forging political compromises between Iraqi factions."

-- Scott McClellan, White House Press Secretary

Today, Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) Wrote That "There Is A Broad Consensus On What Must Be Done" To Win In Iraq: "There is a broad consensus on what must be done to preserve our interests. Recently, 79 Democratic and Republican senators told President Bush we need a detailed, public plan for Iraq, with specific goals and a timetable for achieving each one." (Sen. Biden, Op-Ed, "Time For An Iraq Timetable," The Washington Post, 11/26/05)

The Fact Is That The Senate Amendment Reiterates The President's Strategy In Iraq.

Sen. Biden Says "Iraqi Forces" Must Be Trained To "Act On Their Own Or Take The Lead With U.S. Help": "The president must set a schedule for getting Iraqi forces trained to the point that they can act on their own or take the lead with U.S. help. We should take up other countries on their offers to do more training, especially of officers. We should focus on getting the security ministries up to speed. Even well-trained troops need to be equipped, sustained and directed. (Sen. Biden, Op-Ed, "Time For An Iraq Timetable," The Washington Post, 11/26/05)

The President Has Said Iraqi Security Forces Are Taking More And More Responsibility For Their Own Security.

Sen. Biden Says "We Must Forge...Political Compromise Between Iraqi Factions": "Over the next six months, we must forge a sustainable political compromise between Iraqi factions, strengthen the Iraqi government and bolster reconstruction efforts, and accelerate the training of Iraqi forces. First, we need to build political consensus, starting with the constitution. Sunnis must accept that they no longer rule Iraq. But unless Shiites and Kurds give them a stake in the new deal, they will continue to resist. We must help produce a constitution that will unite Iraq, not divide it." (Sen. Biden, Op-Ed, "Time For An Iraq Timetable," The Washington Post, 11/26/05)

The Senate Amendment Says Iraqis Should Achieve A "Broad-Based And Sustainable Political Settlement." "The Administration should tell the leaders of all groups and political parties in Iraq that they need to make the compromises necessary to achieve the broad-based and sustainable political settlement that is essential for defeating the insurgency in Iraq, within the schedule they set for themselves." (S.Amdt. 2518 To S. 1042, CQ Vote #323: Adopted 79-19: R 41-13; D 37-6; I 1-0, 11/15/05)

The President Has Discussed The Incredible Progress Iraqis Are Making Toward Democracy Through A Broad-Based Political Process

Sen. Biden Says Iraq Is "Barely Functional": "Second, we must build Iraq's governing capacity and overhaul the reconstruction program. Iraq's ministries are barely functional. Sewage in the streets, unsafe drinking water and a lack of electricity are all too common. With 40 percent unemployment in Iraq, insurgents do not lack for fresh recruits."


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