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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 10, 2005

Statement on a Call for the Unconditional Release of Kamal Labwani in Syria

We are deeply disturbed by reports that Dr. Kamal Labwani was arrested by Syrian authorities upon his arrival in Damascus earlier this week. Only last week, Dr. Labwani attended a meeting at the White House. We stress that the United States stands with the Syrian people in their desire for freedom and democracy.

The Syrian Government must cease its harassment of Syrians peacefully seeking to bring democratic reform to their country.

President Bush calls on the government to release all political prisoners, including those arrested after the Damascus Spring: Arif Dalilah, Riad Seif, Mamun al-Homsi, Walid al Bunni, Habib Issa, and Fawaz Tello.

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