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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 13, 2005

Fact Sheet: The President Participates in a Video Teleconference with U.S. Troops

      President Addresses U.S. Troops in Iraq in Video Teleconference

Facts on the 42nd Infantry Division and Task Force Liberty:

Participants in the Video Teleconference:

42nd Infantry Division
Captain Brent Kennedy
Master Sergeant Corine Lombardo
Captain David Williams
Staff Sergeant David Smith-Barry
Captain David J. Smith
Sergeant First Class Jerry R. Munoz
Captain Stephen N. Pratt
Sergeant Dustin Giesbrecht
First Lieutenant Gregg A. Murphy
Sergeant Ronald E. Long, Jr.

4th Iraqi Army Division

Sergeant Major Akeel Shaker Nassir, Senior non-commissioned officer in charge of the Iraqi Army Training facility in Tikrit.

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