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President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 3, 2005

President Bush's Second Term Accomplishments and Agenda

Today, President Bush Celebrated Key Legislative Victories That He Has Won In His Second Term. He also called on Congress to complete other important work, including: confirming Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court, restraining spending in appropriations, and reforming Social Security. The President also discussed the importance of staying on the offense in the War on Terror.

President Bush Worked With Congress To Make Progress On The Key Priorities Of The American People.

Economic Growth:

The Central America And Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement:

Energy Legislation:

Highway Bill:

Patient Safety Bill:

These Achievements Build On Other Accomplishments This Year.

Class Action Reform:

Bankruptcy Reform:

A Disciplined Budget Resolution:

War Supplemental:


President Bush Urges Congress To Confirm Roberts, Act On Agenda.

Judge Roberts:

Social Security:


Immigration Reform:


Welfare Reform:

President Bush Is Committed To Winning The War On Terror.

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