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Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
July 29, 2005

The Energy Bill: Good For Consumers, The Economy, And The Environment

"America must have an energy policy that plans for the future, but meets the needs of today. I believe we can develop our natural resources and protect our environment."

– President George W. Bush


President Bush entered office calling on Congress to pass the first national energy plan in a generation. He proposed a comprehensive energy plan to encourage conservation and energy efficiency; expand the use of alternative and renewable energy; increase the domestic production of conventional fuels; and invest in modernization of our energy infrastructure.

The energy bill passed by Congress this week paves the way for a brighter and more secure energy future with more reliable, affordable, and clean sources of energy to power America forward. It will help put us on the path to reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy. Our reliance on imported energy did not come about overnight, and it will take time to reverse.

By harnessing the power of American innovation and technological development, the energy bill will help us transform the way that we use and produce energy - resulting in greater energy security, a growing economy, and a healthier environment for generations of Americans to come.

To Encourage Conservation And Energy Efficiency, The Energy Bill:

To Expand The Use Of Alternative And Renewable Energy, The Energy Bill:

To Increase The Domestic Production Of Conventional Fuels, The Energy Bill:

To Encourage Investment In Modernization And Reliability Of Our Energy Infrastructure, The Energy Bill:

The Energy Bill Also Helps Reduce The Global Demand For Energy By:

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