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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 19, 2005

Notice Continuation of the National Emergency Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Importation of Certain Goods From Liberia

On July 22, 2004, by Executive Order 13348, I declared a national emergency and ordered related measures blocking the property of certain persons and prohibiting the importation of certain goods from Liberia, pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701-1706). I took this action to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States constituted by the actions and policies of former Liberian President Charles Taylor and other persons, in particular their unlawful depletion of Liberian resources and their removal from Liberia and secreting of Liberian funds and property, which have undermined Liberia's transition to democracy and the orderly development of its political, administrative, and economic institutions and resources. I further noted that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed on August 18, 2003, and the related cease-fire have not yet been universally implemented throughout Liberia, and that the illicit trade in round logs and timber products is linked to the proliferation of and trafficking in illegal arms, which perpetuate the Liberian conflict and fuel and exacerbate other conflicts throughout West Africa.

Because the actions and policies of these persons continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States, the national emergency declared on July 22, 2004, and the measures adopted on that date to deal with that emergency, must continue in effect beyond July 22, 2005. Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13348.

This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.



July 19, 2005.

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