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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 8, 2005

Statement by the Press Secretary


Condemnation of the Murder of Egypt's Chief of Mission To Iraq

The United States strongly condemns the vicious kidnapping and murder of Aihab al Sharif, Egypt's Chief of Mission to Iraq. Our deepest condolences go to Mr. al Sharif's family, friends, and to the people of Egypt.

Aihab al Sharif would have been the first Arab Ambassador to the newly democratically elected Government of Iraq. The brutal slaying of this dedicated diplomat, working to better the lives of the Iraqi people, further underscores the desperate and evil agenda of terrorists working to undermine progress toward democracy around the world. Justifying the murder of a fellow Muslim in the name of God, these terrorists have again shown that their senseless fight is against all men and women of peace.

The United States stands with the people of the Middle East in the global fight against the scourge of terrorism. We will work tirelessly to help bring to justice those responsible for the brutal murder of Mr. al Sharif. And we will work with our Coalition partners to defeat the enemies of freedom and democracy in Iraq.

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