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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 30, 2005

Fighting Malaria in Africa

“The toll of malaria is even more tragic because the disease itself is highly treatable and preventable. Yet this is also our opportunity, because we know that large-scale action can defeat this disease in whole regions. And the world must take that action. Next week at the G-8, I will urge developed countries and private foundations to join in a broad, aggressive campaign to cut the mortality rate for malaria across African in half.”

-- President George W. Bush
June 30, 2005


Today's Action

Combating Malaria and Improving Lives

The Initiative will support national programs and strategies for malaria, in collaboration with the Global Fund. This Initiative will procure drugs and other commodities and support logistics, management, communication, and training. The Initiative will also include comprehensive monitoring and evaluation, targeted operational research to improve on-the-ground implementation, and detailed reporting on inputs, outcomes, results, and impact.

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