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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 25, 2005

Fact Sheet: Developing Clean and Secure Energy Through Hydrogen Fuel

Today's Presidential Action

Today In Washington, D.C., President Bush Visited The First North American Retail Hydrogen And Gasoline Fueling Station. The President has promoted greater energy security through the development of new, clean, and domestically available fuels like hydrogen.

Background: Greater Energy Security Through Clean Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen Can Provide Long-Term Energy Security Through Use Of Diverse Domestic Resources. The President's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative and the FreedomCAR partnership will reduce America's need for imported oil and help clean the air by aiding the development of hydrogen fuel cells and affordable hydrogen-powered cars. Together, these two initiatives constitute a commitment of $1.7 billion over five years.

Turning Hydrogen Fuel Into A Reality. Over the past two years, the Department of Energy and its partners in the FreedomCAR and Hydrogen Fuel Initiatives have made tremendous progress toward the President's goal of enabling today's children to take their future driver's tests in completely pollution-free cars.

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