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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 11, 2005

President's Statement on Madrid Train Bombings

On March 11, we remember the lives lost one year ago in Madrid.

The bombings in Spain were a grim reminder that there are evil people in the world who are willing to kill innocent life. The terrorists hate and target every country that stands for democracy, tolerance, and freedom. They kill the innocent children and their mothers on a commuter train without conscience or mercy.

The world is united in our determination to defeat global terrorism. We share a common faith in the value of freedom and the sanctity of life. We will continue to fight terror and advance freedom so that the world will be more peaceful.

For those who lost loved ones on March 11, it has been a year of sorrow and a year of healing. I join all Americans in sending our expressions of sympathy and solidarity on this solemn day of remembrance.

May God bless the people of Spain and the souls of the departed.

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