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For Immediate Release
March 10, 2005

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush during a photo opportunity with Romanian President Basescu, 3/9/05

In his recent trip to Europe, President Bush discovered common ground with European nations which believe and are worried about Iran's intentions.

Iran is a non-transparent society, and it would be very wise for the free world to be concerned about Iranian weapons and their desire to develop a weapon.

It would be very easy for Iran to solve the problem - not only by giving assurances about any nuclear weapons program, but also allow full International Atomic Energy Agency inspection in a transparent manner.

In order for those elections to be free in Lebanon, Syrians must remove their troops and intelligence services. Syrian influence is heavy-handed through the involvement of intelligence services, so both must be removed.

America is working with friends and allies about steps forward. The world is speaking now, and it isn't only the western world. Crown Prince Abdullah said in a statement to the Syrian President that the country must adhere to UNSCR 1559.

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