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For Immediate Release
March 8, 2005

Global Message

From President Bush's Radio Address, 3/6/05

The world has witnessed remarkable developments in the Middle East.

In Lebanon, people took to the streets in peaceful protest over the brutal assassination of former Prime Minister Hariri. For years, the Lebanese people have suffered from the aftermath of a horrific civil war and occupation by Syria.

Lebanese citizens are demanding the right to decide their own destiny, free of Syrian control and domination. Syria has been an occupying force in Lebanon for nearly three decades, and Syria's support for terrorism remains a key obstacle to peace in the broader Middle East.

The world is now speaking with one voice to ensure that democracy and freedom are given a chance to flourish in Lebanon.

The United States and France worked closely to pass U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559, which demands that Lebanon's sovereignty be respected, all foreign forces be withdrawn, and that free and fair elections be conducted without foreign influence.

While the Lebanese people were demonstrating against terrorism in Beirut, Palestinian President Abbas declared that his government is committed to chasing down and punishing those responsible for last weekend's terrorist attack in Tel Aviv.

Only by ending terrorism can we achieve the goal of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side in peace and freedom.

Today, people in a long-troubled part of the world are standing up for their freedom. In the Middle East and throughout the world, freedom is on the march.

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