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For Immediate Release
March 2, 2005

Statement on Federal Assistance for Alabama

The President today made additional disaster assistance available to the State of Alabama by authorizing an increase in the level of Federal funding for Public Assistance projects undertaken as a result of Hurricane Ivan.

The President's major disaster declaration issued for the State on September 15, 2004, initially directed the Federal government to pay 100 percent of the eligible costs for debris removal and emergency protective measures for a limited time period under the Public Assistance program. Subsequently, the declaration was amended to authorize the Federal government to pay 75 percent of the eligible costs for Public Assistance projects, with the State and affected local governments providing the remaining 25 percent.

Under the President's order today, the Federal share for Public Assistance for this disaster, including direct Federal assistance, has been increased to 90 percent of the eligible costs, except for those categories of assistance, including direct Federal assistance, that were previously approved at 100 percent Federal funding for a limited time period.

The cost-share adjustment is retroactive to the date of the President's major disaster declaration for the State of Alabama.


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